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Innovative and Emerging Small Business pilot Program

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Minneapolis' first mobile flower truck, called Ma Jolie Marché Mobile and owned by Amy Abt, cruises in a Volkswagen pickup as beautiful flower arrangements are sold. (Source: Christina Schneider)

Friday, July 20, the City Council approved an Innovative and Emerging Small Business Pilot Permit Ordinance. This new permit will help innovative business models to launch that would not have been previously allowed under current ordinances, such as the prohibition on outdoor retail. This permit allows small business owners with novel ideas to operate for up to a year as a pilot while the City considers the changes that would be needed for long term operation. While food and alcohol related businesses are excluded from this pilot, entrepreneurs are encouraged to be creative in bringing their ideas to market. Testimony from the public hearing included a mobile flower truck, among others. For questions or to get started with your innovative business idea, contact the Small Business Team

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